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Customer Testimonials

Sales (Used) - Reno, NV

Jordan immediately took care of me as soon as I was on the lot. He was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, he answered any and all of my questions without any waffling or hesitation. He did not use a hard sales pitch or try to force me into something I did not want to buy. He listened to what I wanted and helped me find the perfect car for me. After I had decided to buy, Jordan handed me off to Felipe, and he was also terrific. The negotiation was very hassle free, and he worked with me so we could meet on a number. He did not resort to any of the typical car dealer theatrics when trying to make a sale. We met on a number much faster than I anticipated. Jordan came by to check on us periodically and that extra touch made me feel like he genuinely cared. After everything was signed and done with, everyone continued to be incredibly friendly and I was not ignored after the sale was complete. Overall, I have not had a better experience buying a vehicle, and I have not worked with better people than Jordan and Felipe when buying a car. Reno Toyota cannot be recommended high enough, and Jordan and Felipe cannot be commended enough for the way they worked with me. I will not go anywhere but Reno Toyota for my car shopping in the future.
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Sales (New) - Mt Meadows Area, CA

Bought a new Tacoma back in November 2012. Keith helped us, and he was one of the best Salesmen I've dealt with. No high pressure. Answered questions. Very professional and Friendly. Deal went very smooth and Keith has called me a couple of times since my purchase just to check on things. I'll be back.
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Sales (New) - Reno, NV

I was surfing the net thinking that I really needed to trade in my 10 year old Chrysler mini van- Crystal Graff, Internet Vehicle Specialist called me within 10 minutes to see how she could assist me. I explained to her that I was overweight and wanted to get into a vehicle but was worried that with my extra weight and 2 bad knees, that I would not find a vehicle that would meet my needs. I also told her that I was apprehensive about the shopping experience because I dont like high pressure sales. She assured me that I would be taken care of, told me that they would have a few vehicles for me to try and that she woudl ask Jason Loose work with me. We discussed a few options. I scheduled an appt and was unable to keep it so she followed up the next day and we rescheduled. When I got there, I was met by Jordan Bellais and he was polite, friendly and was a very good listener. He asked me what I was looking for, had a few vehicles pulled up so I did not have to walk too much and I just sat in them to see how I felt. Though these were all great vehicles, I did not like the interior design, as I was used to a min van. He listened to my feedback and then suggested that we look at the minivan- However, he asked if it would be ok for me for him to introduce me to another sales person Casey White, as he felt that Casey could speak better to that particular vehicle- what a novel concept! I really felt that they were working as a team to ensure that I got the best vehicle. Casey/Jordan reviewed my needs and feedback and then I test drived the 2014 Toyota Sienna and that was it- I LOVED that vehicle. It met all my needs though that was the last vehicle that I thought I would leave with :). Then I went back in and spent some time with Casey to review the financing. My credit was not perfect and initially it looked like the vehicle was going to be way out of budget. Casey had Jason Loose talk to me. He was so nice and I explained to him why I was not going to be able to go over budget too much. He listened and was very friendly and said that he would take a look to see what coudl be done. I did nto have to do the "haggling thing". He did work with me to get the financing that I needed. Though I was $100 over what I wanted to pay per month, the vehicle that I chose was also a lot more than what I had initially thought I would leave with. Jordan checked in a few times to see how I was doing. Casey also checked in to see how I was doing and they all offered beverages while I was waiting. Once the deal was sealed, it was off to meet Jeremy who took care of the financing and answered more questions. Then the car was detailed and I spent over 45 minutes with Jeremy Sinner who walked me through all the feaures of the car. He felt that I needed more time as he wanted to make sure that he could show me where the service dept was and offered to program my cell phone as well as my garage door "feature" if needed- so we scheduled an additional appt the next day since I had to leave. I really truly felt that each person that I talked to understood my needs, both financial and in terms of the car, and really tried to make this experience a team effort and they really succeded. I was truly wowed by the customer service. All of them told me that this was the Dolan experience and they really wanted me to become a repeat customer. I would recommend this dealership with no hesitation as well as the services of Jordan Bellais and Casey White to any of my friends. No pressure, no games and truly awesome people.I also wanted to say that Crystal started this process in a very positive way which really made me want to go out and meet the rest of the team. THANK YOU ALL for such a great experience. YOu have made me a fan and a lifetime customer.
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Sales (New) - Reno, NV

The Internet and Vehicle Specialists at Reno Toyota worked together to offer me the best deal. I was able to get written documentation of different payment options, which helped me make an informed decision that fit my budget. I'm looking forward to driving my new Prius for many years to come!
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Sales (New) - Reno, NV

Grace Tecson
I had a great experience with Toyota. Huge thanks to Danny Frank for the excellent service! I drove away happy in my new Prius!! Thanks again!
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Sales (New) - Minden, NV

Every person we dealt with at this dealership was extremely professional. We would recommend this dealership. In the future we would return to Dolan Toyota of Reno for all services.
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Sales (New) - Sparks, NV

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Sales (Used) - Dublin, CA

Excellent customer service from Jordan Bellais and Casey Yocum. We weren't planning on buying a car this week but circumstances dictated otherwise. They took a bad situation and made us feel welcome and secure and got us what we needed for our daughter.Jordan knows what he is selling and clearly takes pride in his job and Casey helped in the final stages. Thanks guys!!!
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Sales (Used) - Citrus Heights, CA

Wonderful customer service! Justin was very knowledgeable and helpful and not pushy. Beth was very friendly and accommodating. Ben was incredible nice and very efficient! They made the car buying process much easier! Thank you!
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Sales (Used)

Toyota only holds resale value, when reno toyota lists car for sale. When it comes time to trade the toyota in good luck on getting a fair price.
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