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Keith Page

Hi my name is Keith Page and I am a Sales Associate at Reno Toyota. I am a father and a husband, my wife's name is Danielle. My son Johnny Page is 3 years old and is 3'3" 39 lbs. I am full-blooded Irish. My son is somewhat of a terror, but he is the most handsome little red-head on the planet. I am from Truckee, Ca.

I have been in the car business since Oct. 2012, and it's the most enjoyable experience I've had working. In my professional career I have been a dishwasher, busboy, stock manager at a ski resort, and after I graduated High School-I joined the United States Marine Corps. After I spent four years with the Marine Corps, I moved to Reno. Since then I have worked in many different industries: from a DirectTV installer to a lumberjack- I sort of became a jack-of-all-trades! One day, my Father-in-Law told me to try out the car business, so I took the leap.

I love it so far because I love talking to people and making friends. I have had a lot of jobs but this is the most fun I have had. Most of all, I am enjoying my job because of who I work. The Dolan Auto Group is an amazing company, family-owned and operated; they are just a good and giving family. I also enjoy working at Toyota because we are the best and biggest dealership in Northern Nevada, and we offer the best deals. If you're looking for a great car buying experience, come on down to Reno Toyota and give us the pleasure of meeting you. Thank you and I look forward to meeting you!


Keith Page